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“Docks were alive then but they had to go…”

A young producer, Anna, tasks herself with creating a new radio ballad for dockwork: The Salford Docker. Negotiating the stories and histories of this industry we bring to life the memories of the Salford Docks, capturing its spirit through words and song. This play explores Ordsall in the 1950s and 1970s, we see dockers and their families face workplace struggles, community regeneration and the effects of de-industrialisation.

Salford Community Theatre return with an original community play following the success of 2016’s Love on the Dole. The company work with local community performers exploring Salford’s past to create politically charged theatre that resonates with life in Salford today.

Directed by Steph Green and Sarah Weston


Top 10 Show of 2019: Circles & Stalls

"Angie Roberts (Rosa Wright) tries to follow in the footsteps of Eleanor and grows up to become a woman and protests for what she believes in..." Salford Now

"...the feminist firebrand of [act 2] is their daughter Angie, whose theft of Betty Friedman’s The Feminine Mystique from the University library is executed with comedic precision..." Tribune

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Now in radio ballad form - listen here!"

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