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The Grandad Orphanage (2008)


Granddad is on his death bed, his family sit by him. They panic, parcel him up in a hurried bundle and post him to the afterlife. He arrives and finds himself in a strange reverse, living his life backwards and growing young. In a surreal montage of scenes and snapshots he races towards his innocence and origins.

The Grandad Orphanage is not an option for families fed up with a cantankerous old codger, but a new play from Leeds-based theatre company Crushed Petal Arts Collective. It explores the worth of an elderly man’s life as he lies on his deathbed surrounded by his grieving family. This latest work from the company that brought us Showering With The Vicar isn’t a depressing drama, however – the play approaches the subject from a slightly surreal angle, using flashbacks to explore what would happen if the elderly gent started growing not older, but younger.

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